Commander - CPT Carl A. Ardissono

First Sergeant - 1SG Samantha H. Grant

Blackfoot Mission

Bravo Company’s mission is to train and certify Enlisted, Noncommissioned Officers, Commissioned Officers, and DOD Civilians, the art and craft of a 35L (Counterintelligence Special Agent) and a 35M (Human Intelligence Collector).

The mission of Army Counterintelligence is to conduct aggressive, comprehensive, and coordinated activities worldwide in the five functional areas of CI investigations, operations, collection, analysis and production, and technical services. Graduates of the course will detect, identify, counter, neutralize, or exploit foreign intelligence entities and international terrorist threats to the U.S. Army and DoD. Special Agents will identify and counter adversarial collection efforts and activities which present a threat to lives, property, or security of Army forces.

The 35M10 course trains and certifies Soldiers to conduct HUMINT collection operations (intelligence Interrogation, Source Operations, Debriefing) to satisfy intelligence requirements in support of Unified Land Operations in complex operating environments. Graduates of the 35M10 course represent the foundation of Army HUMINT and inform decision makers across the joint force on threats and the operating environment through the ethical conduct of HUMINT collection throughout the continuum of conflict.