Not appropriate for the IG

Not all issues are appropriate for the IG. Is-sues with established appeals or redress within regulation. If you are unsure if your issue is appropriate, contact the IG, we can direct you to the most appropriate agency.

Issues not appropriate for the IG

UCMJ—The appropriate agency to look into UCMJ is Trial Defense Service.

Evaluation Reports—Redress for OER and NCO-ERs can be found in AR 623-3

Student Dismissals—Dismissals from courses can be appealed to the BDE CDR.

Family Non-Support— Soldiers are obligated to provide financial support to their families. Reports of Non-Support are not appropriate for the IG, however the IG can facilitate con-tact between the family and the Soldier CDR.

SHARP—Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault cases are generally not IG appropriate. The IG can help facilitate reporting. Be aware that SHARP reports to the IG must be reported to Law Enforcement and the Chain of Command and are not eligible for restricted reporting op-tions.

Equal opportunity– Equal Opportunity Repre-sentatives are best suited to provide support for EO issues. The IG can work with EO to help