This icon can be clicked to delete the adjacent item.

If it appears in the Status column while in the approval process then it means the item was rejected. Recall it, modify, and resubmit for approval.


When this icon is clicked you can edit the content of the item.

Pending Submission/Not Submitted for Approval

Has not been submitted for approval. To submit it for approval, click Save and Submit in the editor.


This appears when an item is archived. The icon indicates that it still exists but is no longer visible on the site.


Appears in various places. It indicates that it has been published and/or is active, varying on its location.

Submitted/Pending Approval

The caution icon indicates that the item is awaiting approval.

View Live

By clicking it you will see the live version of your site.

View Pending

When adjacent to an item it allows the user to view the item; otherwise, it is for viewing the pending/not submitted site.


Item requires a CAC login to access.