Commander - CPT Aaron W. Kelley

First Sergeant - Timothy L. Colon

Apache Mission

Apache Company‚Äôs mission is to train Junior Enlisted, Noncommissioned Officers and Commissioned Officers the art and craft of a 35L (Counterintelligence Agent). The mission of the Army CI organization is to conduct aggressive, comprehensive, and coordinated activities worldwide in the five functional areas of investigations, operations, collection, analysis and production, and technical services to detect, identify, assess and counter, neutralize, or exploit the foreign intelligence and international terrorist threat to the U.S. Army and DoD, and to identify and counter the collection efforts and activities of any other foreign adversary which presents a threat to lives, property, or security of Army forces. Through an intense ~18 week course, you will learn the ins and outs of what it takes to serve as a credentialed agent in support of Department of Defense contingency operations. If you are interested in joining the Counterintelligence Community and would like to learn more, we can be reached at 520-533-1816.on-