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Article Submission

This is your professional bulletin. We need your support by writing and submitting articles for publication.

When writing an article, select a topic relevant to Army MI professionals.

Our goals are to spark discussion and add to the professional knowledge of the MI Corps and the intelligence community. Articles about current operations, TTPs, and equipment and training are always welcome as are lessons learned, historical perspectives, problems and solutions, and short “quick tips” on better employment of equipment and personnel. Explain how your unit has broken new ground, give helpful advice on a specific topic, or discuss how new technology will change the way we operate. We are also interested in articles focused on specific threats the United States may confront in future operating environments.

When submitting articles to MIPB, please consider the following: 

  • Feature articles, in most cases, should be between 2,000 and 4,000 words, double-spaced with normal margins without embedded graphics.
  • We cannot guarantee we will publish all submitted articles, and in rare cases, it may take up to a year to publish some articles.
  • Although MIPB targets quarterly themes, you do not need to write your article specifically to that theme. We publish non-theme articles in most issues.
  • Please do not include any personally identifiable information (PII) in your article or biography.
  • All submissions become property of MIPB and may be released to other government agencies or nonprofit organizations for reprint upon request.
  • We will edit the articles and put them in a style and format appropriate for MIPB. From time to time, we will contact you during the editing process to help us ensure a quality product. Please inform us of any changes in contact information.

 What we need from you: 

  • Compliance with all of your unit/organization/agency and/or installation requirements involving the release of articles for professional journals. For example, many units/agencies require a release from the Public Affairs Office.
  • A cover letter with your work or home email, telephone number, and a comment stating your desire to have your article published.
  • (Outside of USAICoE) A release signed by your unit's information security officer stating that your article and any accompanying graphics and photos are unclassified, not sensitive, and releasable in the public domain. A sample security release format can be accessed via our website under MIPB Guidelines – Security Release Memorandum, or by using the link Security Release Memorandum
  • (Within USAICoE) Contact the Doctrine/MIPB staff (at 520-533-3297 or 520-533-7836) for information on how to get a security release approved for your article. A critical part of the process is providing all of the source material for the article to the information security reviewer in order to get approval of the release.
  • Your article in Microsoft Word. Do not use special document templates.
  • Any pictures, graphics, crests, or logos relevant to your topic. We need complete captions (the 5 Ws), and photographer credits. Do not embed graphics or photos within the article. Send them as separate files such as .tif or .jpg. Photos must be at least 300 dpi. Note where graphics and photos should appear in the article if relevant. PowerPoint (not in .tif/.jpg format) is acceptable for graphs, figures, etc.
  • Authors are responsible for the accuracy and source documentation for their article. Chicago is the preferred style for citations; however, MIPB’s editorial staff can convert the information if the citations are provided.
  • The full name of each author in the byline and a short biography for each. The biography should include the author’s current duty assignment, related assignments, relevant civilian education and degrees, and any other special qualifications.


 Submit articles and graphics to any questions, email us at the above address or call 520-533-7836/DSN 821-7836.

This information system is approved for UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO