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Welcome to the Fort Huachuca MI History Tour

This tour was developed specifically for Students in the Military Intelligence Corps to increase awareness and understanding of MI branch history. Additionally, as the “Home of Military Intelligence,” the tour highlights some historical resources that specifically pertain to Army Intelligence and are unique to Fort Huachuca. The tour is divided into four areas: Aviation Memorial Park, Army Intelligence Museum, USAICoE Memorials, and the MI Soldier Heritage Walkway.

Many locations on Fort Huachuca have been named in honor of MI professionals; it is important to recognize these names as some of the pioneers and heroes of our Corps. Additionally, the Army Intelligence Museum is located on Fort Huachuca; every MI Soldier should visit it at least once to see the collection of artifacts and cumulative history it displays. The MI Soldier Heritage Walkway highlights the contributions of enlisted Soldiers serving in the intelligence field during most of America’s major conflicts. Finally, the Air Park presents a slice of MI History that is unique to the MI Corps – the role of the Intelligence Aviator throughout history.

Whether you are a Soldier learning your craft on Fort Huachuca or at one of USAICoE’s remote sites, a National Guard or Reserve Soldier wanting to know more about your unique MI Heritage, a veteran of the Army Intelligence field, or simply a military history buff, we thank you for visiting this site. We hope you enjoy learning about the contributions of Military Intelligence professionals throughout history.