Military Equal Opportunity - US Army Intelligence Center of Excellence and Fort Huachuca




The mission of the MEO office is to provide training and education for units to sustain a comprehensive effort in maximizing human potential.  This is accomplished through the practice of effective communication, conflict management, acknowledgment of individual diversity, and advocacy of the EO program at all command levels. The EO program is further defined as fair treatment for all persons based solely on merit, fitness, and capability in support of readiness, without regard to the six bases of discrimination (race, color, sex (to include gender identity), sexual orientation, national origin, or religion).  Issues related to EO and human relations are identified by the MEO office through command climate assessments, unit level focus groups, small-group discussions, or individual consultation.  The MEO office also assists units in coordinating special and ethnic observances for the installation, hosts the Equal Opportunity Leaders Course, and addresses matters within the command concerning EO for Service Members and their Family Members.


Advisory Resources Center

Military Equal Opportunity Office

904 Butler Road

Building 22414

Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613


111th MI BDE MEO Advisor
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Installation MEO Advisor
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Installation MEO Advisor
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MEO Program Manager
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