The Honorary Officers and the Distinguished Members of the Corps are essential to the accomplishment of the Corps purposeto establish a sense of esprit de corps within Military Intelligence, unifying MI Soldiers and Civilians in a common bond of mission and fellowship. Living legends of MI, they link todays intelligence Soldiers and Civilians with our proud past. These special appointees represent every aspect of the MI profession. The Honorary Colonel, Honorary Chief Warrant Officer, and Honorary Sergeant Major of the MI Corps each serve for 3-year terms (renewable once). The tenure of the Distinguished Members is indefinite.


* Deceased
2006     COL Allenbaugh, Richard, E.
2007     CW5 Castleton, Lon, D.
1994     LTG Davidson, Phillip, B. *
2012     COL Elliott III, Alfred, H.
1988     LTG Fitch, Alva, R. *
1987     MG Freeze, James, E.
2001     CW5 Fried, Michael, L.
1993     COL Fukuhara, Harry, K. *
1987     BG Goddard, George, W. *
1987     MG Godding, George, A. *
2020     Ms. Graul, Claudia, S.
2006     CSM Hall, Robert, T.
1987     CSM Howell, George, W.
1990     CSM Ice, Clovis, D. *
1988     MAJ Jennings, William, I.
2012     CSM Johnson, James, A. (Art)
1994     CSM Klehn, David, P.
1987     Mrs. Matlack, Dorothe, K. *
2000     CSM McCormick, Sterling, T.
1988     CW3 McDonough, Ann, M. *
1998     COL Pattison, John, A.
1987     LTG Potts, William, E. *
1987     LTG Rolya, William, I. *
1990     CSM Rothenstein, Louis, H.
2018     CSM Saunders, Franklin, A.
1987     COL Sinkov, Abraham *
2018     COL Slavin, James, V.
2018     CW5 Swarens, Richard
1987     MG Thompson, Edmund, R. *
1988     COL Vernau, William, F. *
1995     BG Walker, George, J. *
1987     LTG Walters, Vernon, A. *
1990     LTG Weinstein, Sidney, T. *
1987     COL Wells, Norman, S.
1987     LTG Williams, James, A. *
2014     CW5 Williams, Rex, A.
1987     LTG Wilson, Samuel, V. *