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The combined 2020-2021 Hall of Fame Ceremony was held on 25 June 2021. 
The Class of 2022 will be announced soon!
 Nominations must be received no later than 15 October 2021 to be considered for the next board.


With twenty-nine years of dedicated uniformed service, he served as senior intelligence officer/S-2/G-2 at battalion and division, J-2 for Joint Special Operations Command and European Command, and C-2 for Multi-National Force-Iraq.  He also commanded the 110th MI Battalion and the 513th MI Brigade.  General Keller deployed during Operation JUST CAUSE in Panama, and had multiple deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq during the Global War on Terror, providing consequential intelligence to enable commanders’ tactical, operational, and strategic decisions.  He culminated his military career as the director of Military Support at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

COL. (Ret.) JASEY B. BRILEY (2020)
With thirty years of dedicated uniformed service, he commanded at every level from detachment to brigade and served as senior intelligence officer/S-2/G-2 at brigade, division, and corps, in addition to completing myriad other challenging assignments.  Colonel Briley deployed to Korea, Kosovo, Iraq, Haiti, and Afghanistan, and culminated his career with an assignment as the G-2, XVIII Airborne Corps and deployment as deputy J-2, Combined Forces Iraq in support of Operation NEW DAWN.

COL. (Ret.) MARC POWE (Deceased) (2021)
During nearly thirty years of service, COL Powe served in U.S. Army and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) military intelligence, foreign area, and special operations assignments in the United States, Germany, Vietnam, Soviet Union, Iraq, and Tunisia.  Proficient in German, Russian, Vietnamese, French, and Arabic, he excelled as military attaché in Moscow in the late 1970s, Baghdad in the mid-1980s, and Tunisia in the late 1980s.  He played a key role in the reorganization of Defense HUMINT activities in the early 1980s and, in 1988, executed the acquisition of a Russian Hind-25 attack helicopter and other foreign materiel.  Colonel Powe retired in 1992 as the chief of staff for the DIA's Directorate of Attachés and Operations.

LT. COL. (Ret.) JACK B. CAMERON (Deceased) (2020)
From 1936-1956, he played a pivotal role in the success of counterintelligence (CI) operations, including during Operation TORCH, the first tactical deployment of the Army’s CI personnel in World War II, and he influenced tactical and operational CI methods used during the rest of the war. During the early Cold War, Lt. Col. Cameron integrated U.S. CI doctrine into NATO doctrine, standardizing many CI principles throughout the intelligence services of the international alliance.

After seventeen years of high-optempo special operations assignments, CWO5 Martin dedicated himself to improving the education, readiness, selection and retention processes for MI warrant officers. His accomplishments on behalf of MI warrant officers included significantly redesigning existing training and education and adding new senior WO courses, balancing authorizations across the force, and implementing a new talent management process that improved recruitment and retention and placed the best talent where needed most.  After twenty-five years of service, CWO5 Martin retired in 2018 as the MI Corps chief warrant officer.

CWO5 (Ret.) JOE D. OKABAYASHI (2020)
During thirty-eight years in uniform, twenty-nine as a warrant officer, he supported key Army operations in the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and had a hand in fielding new capabilities, technologies, and concepts in targeting and intelligence architecture. During his four years as chief of the Warrant Officer Training Branch and nearly five years as chief warrant officer of the MI Corps, CWO5 Okabayashi impacted thousands of MI warrant officers across all three components and ensured the continued high-quality of the MI WO program.

SGT. MAJ. (Ret.) JORGE A. SALDANA (2020)
During assignments with high-optempo units, this SIGINT analyst played pivotal roles in the tracking and capture of a drug kingpin in Colombia and terrorists in Afghanistan, as well as the rescue and recovery of a U.S. Navy SEAL Team in Afghanistan and numerous other national-level special operations missions.  In addition, Sgt. Maj. Saldana’s efforts as a Special Mission Unit recruiting troop sergeant major directly contributed to the ability of the unit to recruit and train selected personnel for similar future operations and requirements.

MS. MARY LYNN SCHNURR, Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service (DISES)-2, Retired (2020)
As the director of Information Management in the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff G-2, she was the driving force for developing, resourcing, and implementing all legacy and current MI information technology for more than eighteen years. Ms. Schnurr led efforts to rapidly field new capabilities to tactical units for biometric collection, watchlist creation, Cloud data collection and dissemination, and document and media exploitation, and enhanced the synchronization capabilities of the Joint Intelligence Operations Capability in OIF/OEF.

MS. HARRIET ROSS TUBMAN (Deceased) (2021)
Many of you may remember that in 2019 we installed Ms. Tubman as an Honorary Member of our Corps.  This year we have the honor to induct her into the Hall of Fame for her significant role as a scout and spy for the Union Army during the Civil War and, in particular, her collection of actionable intelligence that led to the successful Combahee River raid. During this operation, which Ms. Tubman led, more than 750 women, men, and children were freed from slavery in South Carolina.

We also welcomed a an Honorary Member of the MI Corps: 

During her twenty-five years as a human resources specialist and assignments manager at Human Resources Command, she dedicated all her time to helping more than 58,000 MI officers successfully navigate their careers.  In some way, she touched the lives of every MI officer who entered the Army between 2000 until her untimely death in 2015.

Finally, we welcomed our new Distinguished Civilian of the MI Corps:

MS. CLAUDIA GRAUL, Defense Intelligence Senior Level/Tier 1, Retired
Ms. Graul's forty-year career as a Department of the Army Civilian, beginning with an internship at the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command and culminating with her assignment as special advisor in the Plans and Integratation Directorate, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff G-2, gave her unparalleled insight into Career Program 35, the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System, and all facets of civilian service within Army Intelligence.

Full biographies for all our honorees are available on this website.

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