The Honorary Members of the Military Intelligence Corps are those special individuals who have made a contribution to the MI Corps but who are otherwise ineligible for induction into the Hall of Fame.  Their tenure as Honorary Members is indefinite.


* Deceased
1993     BG Adams, Ronald
2002     Mrs. Allenbaugh, Jacqueline
1990     Mrs. Bockman, Pamela
1995     MAJ Boggs, John
1993     President Bush, George
             Mr. Cresto, Jim
             Mr. DeConcini, Dennis
             Ms. Fowler, Marilyn
             GEN Franks, Frederick
2002     Mrs. Fried, Rita
1993     MG Garner, Jay
1996     MAJ Goodall, John
             Ms. Gross, Hilda
2008     Ms. Hineman, Guadalupe
1992     Mrs. Howard, Nina
1991     COL Johnson, Alex
2002     Mrs. Kerrick, Thayne
1991     Mr. Kuhn, Thomas
2002     Mrs. Maroney, Elizabeth
2002     Mrs. McCormick, Sarah
2020     Ms. Moorman, Clarine *
             LTC Moreland, Joseph
1991     COL Nabb, Richard
1991     SSG Olmstead, Venus
             MG Onodera, Hiramasa
2002     Mrs. Owens, Josie
2002     Mrs. Pattison, Bobbi
2002     Mrs. Prosser, Shawna
             CPT Ries, Donald
             GEN Ross, Jimmy
             Ms. Siler, Marilyn
2008     Sir Stephenson, William
             Ms. Stutzman, Nancy
             COL Summers, Harry
             GEN Thurman, Maxwell
2019     Ms. Tubman, Harriet *
1993     Mr. Twetten, Thomas
2002     Mrs. Unrath, Julie
2014     Mrs. Weinstein, Pauline
1992     Mr. Wickersham, Barry
             Mr. Woolsey, James
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