Nomination Guidance

Please carefully read the attached document to ensure you are submitting the strongest nomination possible.

Commissioned officers, warrant officers, enlisted soldiers or professional civilians who have served in a United States Army intelligence unit or in an intelligence position in the U.S. Army are eligible for nomination.

Only nominations for individuals will be accepted. No unit or group nominations will be considered. Individuals cannot be self-nominated.

Nominees may not be serving on active duty and must have been separated or retired a minimum of two years before the date of consideration by the HOF Nomination Board. The individual, however, may be employed by the U.S. government in either a civilian or contractor position, to include continued service in an intelligence role. Government civilians who have not previously served in uniform but who are otherwise qualified and have been retired a minimum of two years may be considered.

Temporary retirees for medical or other reasons and members of the Active Reserve or National Guard are not eligible until they have transitioned to permanent inactive or retired status.

A nominee must have made a significant contribution to Military Intelligence that reflects favorably on the Military Intelligence Corps. When appropriate, the nomination may be based on heroic actions and valorous awards rather than on documented sustained service and a significant contribution to Army intelligence. Considerations in defining "significant contributions":
  • Outstanding accomplishments over a sustained period
  • A single action or sustained series of actions beyond the realm of normal duty performance
  • Doctrinal, technical, or instructional contributions
  • Efforts of actions inspiring to others
  • Combination of the above